NINETY-EIGHT (98) FISHERFOLK MEMBERS OF FOUR (4) SAVINGS CLUB from Brgy. Magtang, San Antonio and Caloco shared out ONE MILLION THREE HUNDRED FIFTY TWO THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED FORTY-SIX PESOS (1,352,146.00) last December 2022. Another Savings club with twenty-eight (28) fisherfolk members from Sitio Maslog Brgy. Agay-Ayan is scheduled to share out savings on May 2023 in favor for the Sitio Maslog fiesta celebration. As of this date, the club has recorded Five Hundred Thousand Pesos (P500,000.00) savings on hand. Savings Club mobilization was pilot-tested in selected coastal communities of the municipality under Fish Forever Program. The programs aims to encourage the habit of saving money among the neifhboring club members whereby advancing economic resiliency in the fisherfolk family members. Club members cab access loans commonly to finance their micro-interprise from the savings fund subject to the policy of the club rules and by laws. Likewise, the club members maintain and contribute for social fund, a source of emergency fund for members who need immediate financial assistance upon collective approval of the club members. At the end of the savings cyle ( usually december), the savings fund plus the loan interest are shared-out by and among thr club members. By January, another saving cycle begins
The Local Government Unit through the Coastal Resource Management Office facilitates the orientation of newly organized Savings Club Group, monitors and evaluates weekly meetings and documents. Safekeeping and management of the savings and social fund remain at the discretion of the Savings Club Members.

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